Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Luxury Trip for Women with Divas Sojourn

Societies and civilisations world over have undergone revolutionary changes over the past two decades.  From power to politics, education to career choices, every realm has evolved and the pivot of this evolution has been the women empowerment and freedom.

A 21st century woman has gone places in every section & segment of life.  She is a homemaker, a decision maker, a leader, a lover, a dancer, a reader, a traveller and many more doyens she adorns with plenty of gentle grace and panache.

Having assumed the apostle of being a creator & nurturer, today’s woman is not wary of exploring new horizons and thus has emerged, as an eternal traveller on wanderlust.

Luxury Trips For Women’s - Divas Sojourn
Luxury Trips For Women’s - Divas Sojourn

With a vision to enliven the dreams of such globe-trotting, women explorers with safety and freedom DIVAS SOJOURN was conceptualized and brought to life in 2014 by Pooja Malhotra from New Delhi India.

Being a woman on wanderlust herself Pooja understood the basic need of every woman to have relaxed, rejuvenating, & secure holidays with ample fun, frolic and pampering coupled with new bonding, new friendships and a new self ....all set to paint the town red.

Divas Sojourn organizes planned Luxury Trip for Women events and trips to exotic national & international- locales all year round.  From luxury to grassroots, from hills to oceans, from gorges to sheer landscapes, from the royal havelis to the contemporary architecture you name it and Divas sojourn promises to take you on every such explorations.

Feminine strength & charming grace are central to the concept of travelling with the Divas Sojourn.  This is why their trips are strictly and exclusively for women, by a woman. 

Each trip is meticulously planned and designed by the team of experts to ensure, luxury, comfort and security all the while our divas embark on the exploration of the world and the self.

The Divas on the travel group come from diverse backgrounds, languages and cultures.  From a homemaker in New Delhi to a healer in Mumbai, from a trade analyst in NCR to a project manager in Bangalore the list of divas on sojourn is far wide and seemingly endless.  Each trip is a new experience, each exploration forges new friendship, every music strummed engages the trippers into jigs memorable.............Experiential tourism at its Zenith is what describes the experience of travelling with Divas Sojourn.

The Taj Mahal of  Agra, Pari Mahal and Chashemshahi of Kashmir, The Great Himalayas , The Forts of Jaipur, The Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer, The Thati Wats, the pinnawala orphanage for elephants in Srilanka, sigariya fort all have been the witness to the ethereal charm and boundless energy of Divas ---------The 21st century women of The Divas Sojourn.

The Twoyears old Divas Sojourn envisions enlivening the dream of every diva to encapture the eternity of the seven colors, seven seas, seven skies.  Come ...............engage and immerse into the magic of The SEVEN with experience of THE DIVAS SOJOURN.